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24. June // 4 - 8 pm


ob es sich ergibt

Paulus Goerden's (born 2000) visual worlds are introduced by a pioneering sentence from Novalis: "We are close to waking when we dream that we dream." The apparent commonalities of life are deceiving. Framed realities hide their duplicity, which only gradually reveals itself.

Paulus Goerden places emphasis on imagination over imitation, shaping fantasy over imitative mimicry, with a lasting resonance on the viewer. The images invite us to question the familiar certainties of everyday life.

Their composition and staging give them a specific spatial character. They speak of "the inner world of the outer world of the inner world" (Peter Handke).

Paulus Goerden's unspectacular, quietly powerful works are islands of attention and sensual enlightenment in the flowing currents of a world of speed, of turning on and off, whose forms fade into the endless infinity.

Michael Huthmann





until 05. August, 2023

o.T. (Hauseingang), 2022, Series Erinnerungsraum.

Fotografie als Teil einer Arbeit aus Erinnerungsraum - 20 x 15 cm © Paulus Goerden

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