IV-Sem título,2022_madeira,bronze e espelho_184x62x63 cm final.jpg
Untitled, (2022); wood, bronze and mirror; 184 x 62 x 63 cm - detail © Rui Sanches




6 September - 29 October 2022

Galerie Alex Serra is pleased to present the first solo show in the gallery of the artist Rui Sanches (b. Portugal, 1954).


In Fragments Rui Sanches presents us with a series of new never before seen sculptures and drawings.

The sculptures, from this series, are the result of the meeting of several fragments that refer to architecture, sculpture, natural elements and the suggestion of human body parts, made of materials such as wood, iron, bronze, mirror and stone.

The series of drawings is the result of a symbiosis between several elements, such as fragments of drawings of human anatomy, quotes or other imagetic references. The presence of architectural structures recalls both existing structures, with which the artist has an affectionate relationship, and other more wide-ranging and generic structures that are transposed onto paper through different graphic processes.