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Art Prize
Finalist of the EDP Foundation New Artists Award 2022

René Tavares

Meet one of the finalists of the EDP Foundation New Artists Award 2022.


In October 2022, the group of finalists will integrate a group exhibition at maat, in the scope of which the prize will be awarded.




Exhibition /Instalation
We Still Fight In The Dark
Nina Franco

We Still Fight In The Dark is a creative collaboration led by @mina_theatre and Nina Franco on the experience of gender-based violence suffered by Brazilian women in London.
The participants have been meeting weekly since September to express themselves through art and storytelling.




Cover Artist
Altiba-9 Magazine
Carolina Serrano

Carolina Serrano is the new Cover Artist of the ISSUE 08 of Altiba-9 Magazine. The issue also includes an interview and an article about the artist's work.



René Tavares



Tchiloli Unlimited

René Tavares

Drawings and photographs by René Tavares at Sala Nobre of Teatro Baltazar Dias in Funchal - Madeira, Portugal.


Opening on March 6th, 2021.


The exhibition will be open until April 16th, 2021.

Nina Franco_sobreviver tríptico.jpg



Circulation(s) European young photography festival

Nina Franco

29 projects // 33 artists // 12 different nacionalities


The 11th edition will take place from March 6 to May 2, 2021.


5 rue Curial – 75019 Paris, France





Cercle de mémoires

Mário Macilau

Mario Macilau presents a new series, currently being created, entitled Cercle de mémoires, evoking the Portuguese colonial heritage of his country.

From 01.03 to 29.05.2021

La Terasse, Nanterre, France.

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