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Judith Samen (Germany, 1970) lives and works in Düsseldorf.

Judith Samen’s art explores the staging and authenticity of human existence. In her work, the artist deals with corporeality and food as well as with elements from art history and everyday life. While looking for unseen and touching creations of pictures, she produces works which alternate between poetry and intensity.


She connects vulnerability and humour as well as transience and a deep physical sensation with tragedy and comedy.
While doing so, she expands the seemingly familiar until it becomes absurd. Moreover, her artistic strategies include irritation to challenge the viewer. Her works are characterised by female body sensation. The sometimes radical self-portrayals in her work continue artistic positions such as those of Claude Cahun, John Coplans or Rodney Graham. Following the Fluxus movement, Judith Samen blurs the lines between art and everyday life by using a specific quality of photography—representing reality. Her works cover photographies, installations, drawings, videos and performances.

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