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Paulus Goerden (DE, 2000) lives and works in Düsseldorf.

As an artist, Goerden wants to offer a new awareness for physical arrangements that come across on a way to the supermarket, in a niche beside a door, in places that appearance seems unintended. 
The way stuff behind the main scenes are handle, seems to him essential for the understanding that relations get defined in the way of treatment.
Growing up in a family that works in theatre, and spending much time backstage fascinated Goerden.

The beauty behind the actual performance, the atmosphere, the notes on the wall, how effective the act of stacking, taping, must be if there is not much time and limited space. And also how honest this way of behaving with props/requisites must be. 

In 2022 Paulus Goerden studied on daily bike rides through the neighborhood the act of people placing their garbage ( furnitures, clothes, garbage bags…) on the street and was fascinated by the visuell analogies of those bulks. The way color, form and structure influence the act of positioning is comparable to a composition of an installational work. 

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